Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fishing for Truth!!!

I posted on Sylar's Blog!!

Read my post here!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Win the Web War!!

The Nazis are taking over our Theory Wiki!!

It's up to you all to stop them.

Preserve these current articles:
Bottled Water
Gene Pool - Swimming Advisory
DNA - National Dyslexic Association
End of the World
Re-Animation of Dinosaurs

But we need more than simple preservation if we are to win!! Everyone needs to contribute. Add you own theories!

Here are some to consider:

The evil of over-priced coffee!
Robo-Decoys for Public Figures
Paul Revere
Sinister Chicken Plotting

Go! Wiki! Win!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ha! We're on the Path Now!

I got this crazy email from the man in horn-rimmed glasses! He's changing sides!! Or so he says. I still can't trust him!

But I noticed on his blog a man named Thompson has posted a message. This could all be a set up! A trap! They could be luring me into it!! What do you think?!?!?

On a side note, check out Activating Evolution. You can add theories there! Finally, a way to get the conspiracies out to the masses!!

Everyone must add the truth! Such as "Bottled Water contains manipulative enzymes!" or "Carrots are aphrodisiacs for bunny rabbits!"

I'll keep you updated on the Bennet situation. Give me some feedback! We need everyone theorizing so we won't be fooled!! Primatech is a tricky organization!! Trust no one!!

Discover your own truths and add them to the Theory list!! Join the fight! Get the word out!! Cyber-spit in the faces of your oppressers!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sylar Interrogation!!

By now you have all no doubt seen the infamous security tape!! If not, then you should have read my previous post. It's too risky to repost the link. I can't let them know about my plans!! I suspect they are trying to sabotage my efforts!!!

So, what does it mean? What's our next step? We need ideas people!! There is a truth to be found! And where there's truth, there's Spoon Fed!!

Think!! Stay alert!! Run!! Brainstorm! And think some more!! Post your ideas as comments so that we can decide what to make of this security tape! What is the password for? What could it be?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Primatech Security Tapes

I've found something!!'s password protected. I hacked the password hint and it was "Favorite Song". The username is "bennet"! Now we just need his favorite song!!

Here's the link to the site we need access to:

If you obtain the password, post it here so we can all get in!! Then, explore the security tapes. Note anything of interest! Report back here with your thoughts! We'll need to brainstorm to figure out what to make of the security tapes, what they mean and what our next step should be!!

Stay alert!! Run when chased!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I did it!

Primatech's Virtual Paper is down! I killed it! Woo hoo!

Their site technicians will get the site back up, probably soon. But while they're distracted with that, I'll be working the real magic on their evil computer system!!

Now, it's time for the ultimate plan of truth revelation! There's much work to do! Stay alert! Trust no one! And await my instructions.

Don't forget to choose a side! Join with me against them.

Choose Your Side!

The time is here! We will make our move!

But first, I have to know who's with me and who's with them!!

If you're with me, dedicated to revealing the truth, protecting road-crossing turtles and stopping evil from breeding, then add my top secret organization to your MySpace friends!

The! Righteous! Underground! Truth! Heralds!

However, if you're an evil, turtle-smooshing, greedy jerk, then stay with Primatech!


You can only be on one side! Double-agents will not be tolerated!!!